Flashes of Life

They say that when a person dies that their whole life flashes before there eyes, what if that’s true, but for the people they leave behind, the memories you had forgotten, the moments you shared that were pushed to the back of your mind, times in your life you spent with them that you had somewhat forgotten about until you are driving home from picking up your nephews birthday cake and you suddenly remember all the times your mum drove you to countless netball carnivals even remembering her sneaking you snickers bars during the games, or you remember the times your dad would sing and play guitar to you as you couldn’t sleep.

Since I lost both my parents, I am remembering things that we did or moments from when I was 4-5 years old even younger.

They say before you die your life flashes across your eyes and that may be true, but what they don’t mention to the people who are left on this earth is that your whole life spent with them will also flash across yours, not all at once, but slowly, over weeks to months, little flashes of memories of a life that’s now left behind.

I may not be able to hug you, or see your smile in the flesh, when I get these memories I do get a heavy chest, but after the shock of losing you once again has gone, I am left with nothing but love and light and I know I will see you both once more.

When my dad passed away, the day started of sunny, although as he slipped further and further into death the day become dark, rainy and eventually it started to storm, lightning and thunder shook the hospital, when he passed, my siblings and I were shocked, we said ” wow, maybe dad isn’t going to the same place mum is” as the day she passed was amazingly beautiful, then we remembered what mum always told dad ” I’ll wait for you at the rainbow bridge hubby” we jumped up and looked outside and before our eyes was a double rainbow, right over the hospital. I will never forget the feeling of happiness and warmth I got from seeing that double rainbow, my mother came in on that storm sending chaos into dads life like always, and left with him to the light leaving a piece of comfort for us, for us to know that she’s got him. I have always believed in the magic of the universe, but that experience has made me believe in a whole lot more..

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